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The total output value of China's auto parts industry will reach 1.5 trillion yuan in 2011

Date:2011-02-06 12:33:30

  Last year, annual production and sales volume reached 18 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 32%. This figure exceeds the peak of production and sales in the history of the United States by 17 million, and China has become the world’s largest auto market. With 18 million vehicles, China's auto industry has a bigger plate. The auto parts and service industry has great potential for future development. Increasing car ownership will provide a stable source of profit for auto parts and service markets.

  Recently, senior figures in the Chinese auto parts industry revealed that according to conservative statistics, the total output value of China's auto parts industry, which is closely related to the development of the entire vehicle, will reach 2 trillion yuan in 2011.

  Although the Chinese auto market is booming in 2010, this does not mean that China's auto parts companies will be able to sail smoothly. In 2011, from the perspective of the survival status of auto parts companies, it is still a difficult situation: raw material prices, OEMs shifting cost pressures to parts suppliers, vicious price competition, and pressure from foreign capital.

  In today's Chinese auto market, the relationship between OEMs and suppliers and distributors is not so much "getting order" as "Brothers", "The Iron Triangle" or "Community". Market competition also shows an unprecedented "chain win-win situation". The cause of this change is the market. It is the ability and attitude of the auto manufacturer to respond to the market. The automotive products are made up of tens of thousands of parts to ensure excellent quality. From raw materials to spare parts and vehicle assembly, every link must be absolutely safe. "The chain" determines the success or failure of the company.

  The two levels of market differentiation and higher industrial concentration all contribute to the era of the win-win era of the chain. In the "chain" era, life and death, prosperity and weakness are reflected in the situation of the chain. What motivates the era of the win-win-win era of the chain? The market! Today's consumers are more personalized and their demands for automobiles are more three-dimensional. Not only the pursuit of quality, but also the pursuit of beauty and comfort, so that large-scale, intensive companies show unprecedented Advantages, thus requiring companies "chain" has a stronger production and development capabilities, establish a stronger quality assurance system, provide more humane products and services.

  The growth of China's auto parts industry is not only reflected in the expansion of industry scale, but also reflected in the improvement of soft environment and the enhancement of soft power. In addition, the level of production management of auto parts companies is also increasing. At present, many domestic parts and components companies are learning the advanced production management experience of multinational companies. From the zero inventory, lean production to achieve the lowest cost, the largest, most efficient and other advanced management concepts have been applied in practice.

  China's auto and parts industry will also have a stable growth period of 10 to 20 years. There is still a long way to go for China's auto parts industry in terms of technology and market. There are still many opportunities. In the future development of auto parts companies, they should focus on the high-tech market, maintain sustainable development, and grow from small to large.

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