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"Pingdingshan" brand high effective coal dust

“Pingdingshan ” brand high effective coal dust

    In order to ensure excellent product quality and long-term stability, "Pingdingshan" high-efficiency pulverized coal is washed in clean coal (into the plant raw coal all washed by a dedicated production line to remove coal gangue Impurities such as slime, coal slime, vegetation, etc., have passed the inspection, and are based on the addition of bright carbon materials. "Pingdingshan" brand high-efficiency coal physics and chemistry indicators exceed the JB/T9222—1999 standard, sulfur content, moisture is far below the standard requirements, light carbon index is the first in the industry, Jiaoyu features 5-6 . These features make Pingdingshan's anti-stick sand performance better than domestic similar products, and the amount of sand added in the sand can be reduced by about 1/2. According to the different castings produced, the amount of sand added is 0.2-0.4%, and the amount of sand added is 1.5-3%. Using "Pingding Mountain" brand high efficiency pulverized coal, the clay content and moisture content of sand significantly decreased, air permeability, wet compressive strength and toughness were significantly improved, and the overall performance was significantly improved. Not only was the casting surface finish improved, but also the reject rate was increased. The decline.

    Sulfur phosphorus and water content and scientific formula and processing technology, to ensure that "Pingding Mountain" brand high efficiency pulverized coal will not spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

    The factory has a testing center, has advanced testing and testing facilities, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification requirements, the product is implemented around the clock tracking and testing to ensure that the product is shipped without defects.

    “Pingdingshan” brand physical and chemical indicators:


 Bright carbon%
Volatile %
Ash content%
Jiao Yan characteristics 
 Sulfur content%
140 mesh