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"Pingdingshan" brand sand additive

“Pingdingshan ” Sand Additive

    “Pingdingshan ” brand sand additives combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with the actual situation of the domestic foundry enterprises to develop high-end products.

      This product is a new product developed for the situation of brittle brittle, insufficient tough plasticity, and difficulty in die-cutting. It further enhances its anti-adhesion ability, and at the same time effectively enhances the toughness and plasticity of sand and significantly improves it. The hot sand and wet tensile strength, fluidity, fracture index and wear resistance of the sand reduce the sensitivity of the sand to moisture, and improve the molding rate, thereby reducing the sand, sticky sand and porosity defects of the casting.

    “Pingdingshan” brand sand additive production is based on the actual situation of customers to implement dynamic adjustment, scientific ratio. That is, according to the customer's modeling method, casting size, sand performance, raw material variety and other conditions, the individual materials are individually matched, and purposely and targetedly adjusted to improve the sand performance to meet the different needs of customers.


Volatile %
Sulfur content%
Granularity (100 mesh)
90% pass